Kingsborough Estates Cable Services

Basic Service

Channels 2-13


Standard Service

Channels 2-44
Except Movie Channels


Individual Movie Channels

Showtime, HBO


All 3 Movie Channels

Showtime, HBO


Initial Installation

Connect Prewired Outlets


Initial Installation

New Home or Rewire Existing Home


Add 1st Additional Outlet

At time of Initial Installation


Add 2nd Additional Outlet

At time of Initial Installation


Administrative Transfer of Service

Ownership Change, Exact same service kept,
No Site Visit Required


Change of Service Level

Were Site Visit Required


Converter Box Rental

Only needed for non-cable ready televisions.

$3.50, Plus Sales Tax

Converter Box Deposit

Per Converter Box


Service Call

Problems related to use of your equipment.


Service Call

Problems related to our equipment.

No Charge

Reconnect Service

Due to Non-Payment or Returned Checks


Returned Check Charge

Regardless of Reason



New service connections are made each Tuesday that is not a holiday, weather permitting.

You may place your order by calling our offices at 919 878-0466 between 9AM and 4:30PM, Monday through Friday. Orders received by 4:30 PM on Monday's will be worked on Tuesday of that week. When you call you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Leaseholder's name
  • Service address (and billing address, if different that service address)
  • Social Security Number of Leaseholder
  • Residence telephone
  • Daytime or Work Phone
  • Service connection date
  • If someone will be home on service connection date or if leaseholder will be leaving a permission slip with the apartment complex office so that the Maintenance Dept. will provide our installer access
  • How will payment be handled? The amount of money due will be your first months charges, plus initial installation, plus a converter deposit, if needed.
    Available Options are: (a) If someone is to meet the installer, the funds, in the form of either a check or money order payable to Private Cable Systems, or cash, should be available for the installer when he makes the installation, or (b) a check or money order made payable to Private Cable Systems can be left at the apartment complex office in an envelope addressed to Private Cable Systems, or (c) if your scheduled installation date is more than ten (10) days from the day you place your order, you can mail your check to our offices at 1716 St. Albans Drive, Raleigh, NC 27619. If payment is not received, installation will not be made.
  • Interest in Movie Channels - we offer Showtime, HBO. Disney is included in the extended package.
  • If your television or VCR is cable ready. Most televisions and VCR's purchased within the last five to seven years are cable ready and you should not need a converter box.
  • Any special information that you feel our installer might need that would not be obvious.
  • You can also fax the above information to us at 919 876 0375 or send us E-MAIL as long as the information above is included in your written request.

    Service problems are rare at Kingsborough, but when a problem does occur, please call our office immediately at 919 878-0466 any time, night or day. After business hours a voice mail system will record your problem. To help us better resolve your service request, please leave your name, address, nature of the problem, if the problem applies to al your television and a phone number where we can reach you during the business hours. A technician will be dispatched to resolve it not later than the next business day. If a majority of the channels or the entire system becomes disabled, please page the technician on call at either 919 713 8222 or 919 713 8400.


    Billing Dates

    Your statement will be mailed as near the 25th of each month as possible. The statement will reflect transactions received and posted through the 15th of the month.

    Due Dates

    You are billed for services one month in advance. Payment for all services billed are due in our offices in Raleigh on or before the 10th of each month.

    Late Charges

    If your payment does not reach our office by the 15th of the month, it is considered late and you are charged a $3.00 late payment fee. We can not be held responsible for delays in receiving your payment due to Postal Service delays. Late charges are automatically assessed by our billing service on all accounts with overdue balances.

    Disconnection for Late Payment, Reconnection

    Your service is subject to disconnection for late payment if it is not paid in full by the 15th of the month in which service is provided.

    If your service is disconnected for any reason, the account must be paid in full, to include a reconnection fee of $25.00, before it can be reconnected.

    Payments are accepted at our offices located at 2800 Highwoods Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604 between 8:30 AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday. Our Administrative Offices are closed on holidays and weekends.

    The on-call technician is not authorized to reconnect service that has been disconnected for non-payment or for returned checks when the office is closed.

    Repeated disconnections for non-payment may result in a deposit being required before service can be reconnected.

    Accounts that remain unpaid for more than 45 days will be referred to the local Credit Bureau for collection and will be filed against your permanent credit report as a bad debt. Protect your credit by paying on time.

    Credit for Returned Converter Boxes

    Upon receipt of a returned converter box and remote, credit will be applied as follows: (1) If your account has a balance due, the $35. credit per converter box will be applied to the account. Any excess deposit over the amount due on inactive accounts will be forwarded to you by check within two weeks. (2) If your account is closed and has no balance due, you will be mailed a check within two weeks.

    Lost Converter Boxes and/or Remotes

    It is your responsibility to safeguard the equipment rented to you. If you fail to return it to our offices within 30 days of moving or disconnecting service, you will be billed for the replacement cost of the lost equipment. The converter box replacement cost is $200. and the remote is $50. If you later return the equipment, your account will be credited for the charges applied.

    Credit for Service Problems

    If your entire cable service is disrupted for more than 24 hours, you will be given credit for the number of days the service was not available. The credit is calculated by dividing 30 into the monthly bill and multipling the result by the number of days your service was disrupted. If only a few channels are effected, then the credit is calculated by dividing the number of subscribed channels into the total monthly service cost, then multiplying that product by the number of days service was not available. Credits for service disruption does not apply when the cause for the service problem is found to be in your equipment or was caused by you.

    Voluntary Disconnection

    Should you request that your service be disconnected or reduced to a lower service level, you will only be billed for the number of days that you had service. The credits will be shown on your monthly statement.

    Billing Questions

    We welcome questions regarding your bill. You may call our offices during normal business hours at 919-878-0466. You can also send us E-Mail. You can Fax us at 919-876-0375 24 hours a day. When contacting us, please supply your account number and the name of the account. We will make every effort to respond to your request in a timely fashion.